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Use Variables for Parameterized Reporting

This topic provides instructions on how to add charts to a group or sub-group.


Make sure that:

  • You have rules defined before you add a chart.
  • You have understood the components of Build Chart view. For more information, see Build Chart View.


Perform the following steps to add charts to a group or sub-group:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration Reports.
    The Manage tab is displayed.
  2. Click Charts to display the Chart view.
  3. In the Chart toolbar, click add_button.png.
    The Build Chart tab is displayed.
  1. Enter the name of the chart.
  2. For the Reporting Engine to collect the data and generate chart results, select the Enable checkbox.
  3. In the Rule Basis field, do the following:

    Note: If the rule contains lookup_and_add, sum_count, or sum_values rule action, the associated chart does not have any data.

    1. Click Browse. The Add Rule dialog box is displayed.
    2. Navigate the Rule tree and select a rule.
    3. Click Select.
  4. The Rule appears in the Rule Basis field.
  5. Select the data source from the Data Source drop-down list.

Note: If the data source is not listed, ensure you have Read permissions set for the data source. This is applicable for NWDB and Warehouse data source. For more information, see Configure Data Source Permissions topic in the Host and Services Configuration Guide.

  1. To modify (Optional) the Interval value, click the up or down arrow.
    The Interval value is the interval in minutes at which the rule which forms the basis of the chart is run to collect data.
  2. Select the Limit value to limit the number of records to be displayed.
  3. X-Axis and Y-Axis are used to specify the meta to be plotted in charts.
    In X-Axis, the Meta for the 'Group by' rule is displayed. In Y-Axis, the aggregate functions used in the rule are displayed.

Note: Sum, Count, Countdistinct and Average are the supported aggregate functions for chart. By default, for Custom Rules with multiple 'Group by', you can select only the first meta in X-Axis.

  1. Click Save.
    A confirmation message that the chart is saved successfully is displayed.

Next Steps

Perform the following tasks:

  • You can edit, delete, refresh a chart from the Charts panel.
  • You can test a chart from the Test a Chart View.
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