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The View a Report panel is used to review the reports. The procedure associated with this is described under View a Report.

To access this view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, click Administration Reports.
    The Manage tab is displayed.
  2. Click Reports.
    The Report view is displayed.
  3. In the Report List panel, do one of the following:
    • Click  > View Scheduled Reports.
    • Click the #Schedules column.

The following figure shows the View Scheduled Reports.


The View a Report panel has the following sections:

  • Reports toolbar
  • Reports Output panel
  • Reports Calendar panel
  • Reports Time panel

When you click View on the scheduled report having Iterative selected, the Sub Reports panel is displayed. For each value in the configured list a report is generated.


The following table lists the columns in the Sub Reports panel.

Column   Description
ValuesThe List values chosen for a dynamic variable from the List Selection panel.
StateIndicates the state of the scheduled report for each of the list values.
  • Partial: If in a report with several rules, a single rule execution failed or an output action failed or creation of PDF/CSV failed, the state of the report is displayed as partial. For example, consider a report with five rules and four rules are executed successfully and one fails, then the state is displayed as Partial.
  • Failed: If in a report with several rules, all the rule executions failed, the state of the report is displayed as failed.
  • Completed: If a report is successfully executed, the state of the report is displayed as completed.
ViewClicking on any of the report schedules or sub reports listed and then View displays the desired report.

Note: You can view the completed rules on the View a Report page even when the report is 'running'.

For more information, on each of these panels, see View All Reports Panel.

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