Reporting: Export a Report

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This topic provides instructions on how to export selected reports to an external file that can be later imported to another Security Analytics environment. 


Make sure that:

  • You have reports in the report group.
  • You have understood the components of the Report view. For more information, see Report View.


Perform the following steps to export selected reports in the Report Groups panel to an external file:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Reports.
    The Manage tab is displayed.
  2. Click Reports.
    The Report view is displayed. 
  3. In the Report List panel, select a report and click list_options_button.png and select one of the following:

      •  Export - This selection exports a report in a .zip file.
      • Export as Text - This selection exports all the content from the Reporting Engine in a .zip file which contains the data in text format.
  4. Click OK.

    You can export multiple reports at a time. To select multiple reports, check the checkbox of the report to be exported. The exported file is saved to the local drive in an archived format.

Opening CSV files with Unicode characters in MS Excel

To open downloaded CSV files containing Unicode characters in MS Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Download and save the CSV file.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel and navigate to the Data tab.
  3. Click on From Text menu item; find the CSV file that you downloaded and click Import.
    The Text Import Wizard is displayed.
  4. Select Delimitedor Fixed Width data type from the Original data type radio button.
  5. Click File origindrop down list and select 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) and click Next.
  6. Select the delimiter that was used in the file that you imported and click Next.
  7. Select the data format for each column of data that you want to import and click Finish.
    The correct output is displayed in an MS Excel sheet.
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