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This topic  provides instructions on how to import alerts from other instances of Security Analytics into Alert List panel. Alerts imported from another Security Analytics instance must be of a valid binary file.

During the import process, you select the binary file, and specify whether or not existing alerts with the same name should be overwritten by alerts contained in the binary import file.

  • If you choose to overwrite, all duplicate rules, lists, and alerts are overwritten by the contents of the binary import file.
  • If you choose not to overwrite, and if a duplicate rule, list, or alert exists in the target folder, the import will still happen and no message about duplicate alerts is displayed.


Make sure that:

  • You have alerts exported from other instances of Security Analytics.
  • You have understood the components of the Alert view. For more information, see Alert View.
  • You have understood the components of the Import an Alert dialog. For more information, see Import Alert Dialog.


Perform the following steps to import alerts from other instances of Security Analytics into Alerts List panel:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, click Administration > Reports.
    The Manage tab is displayed.
  2. Click Alerts.
    The Alert view is displayed.
  3. In the Alert toolbar, click  > Import.
    The Import Alert dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click Browse to select the binary file.
    Security Analytics provides a file system view of the files. You can import multiple alerts at a time. To select multiple alerts, check the checkbox of the alert to be imported.
  5. Locate the binary file, and click Open.
    The file gets added to the Import Chart list.
  6. (Optional) To overwrite any existing alert in the library with an identically named alert in the binary file when importing, check the Alert checkbox. If you do not select the Overwrite option, and an identical alert is encountered in the binary file, the binary file is imported and no error message is displayed.
  7. Click Import to import the binary file.
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