Reporting: Supported IPDB Extractor Service Deployments on Virtual Environments

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This topic describes the supported IPDB Extractor deployments on virtual environments. Security Analytics supports the deployment of Internet Protocol Database (IPDB)Extractor service on virtual environments. The following table lists the virtual deployment specifications that RSA recommends for IPDB Extractor service. Note that these recommendations are based on the tests conducted at RSA.

Processor4 vCPU
Memory8 GB RAM

Supported VMware Platforms

VMware ESX Server5.0
VMware vSphere Client5.0

IPDB Extractor Service Virtual Deployment

The following table lists the IPDB Extractor Service Virtual deployment for the different IPDB deployments.

IPDB DeploymentConnection to IPDB Extractor Service on VMSecure Connection Modes
Through Private SwitchPhysical Switch
Through Virtual Distributed SwitchVirtual Switch
IPDB on Single site Hardware HostUsing CIFS mountSSH/VPN/IPSEC
IPDB on Single site  Virtual HostUsing CIFS mountSSH/VPN/IPSEC

Note: In case of IPDB on Single Site Virtual Host, the IPDB Extractor service is assumed to be installed on the same ESX server as the single site.

IPDB on NAS Through LAN

If you deploy the IPDB residing on Network attached Storage (NAS) through a Local Area Network (LAN), you must establish the VPN/SSH/IPSEC tunnel between the NAS and the IPDB Extractor service host.  You can host the IPDB Extractor service on a Security Analytics Host, R710 Host or Virtual Machine.


IPDB on NAS Through Private Switch

In the following deployment, IPDB Extractor service is hosted on a Virtual Machine (VM), you must connect the ESX Server using the same switch as you use to connect an enVision Host to the NAS.


IPDB on NAS Through Virtual Distributed Switch

In the following deployment, multiple IPDB Extractor services hosted on a multiple VMs, you must connect the ESX Servers using the a virtual distributed switch. In this deployment:

  • An IPDB Extractor service hosted on a VM has a dedicated nic card/Ethernet port on the ESX server on which the VM runs.
  • This Ethernet port is not shared by any other virtual machine on that ESX.
  • Each Ethernet port is connected to a virtual distributed switch which in turn is connected to the private switch of the NAS (IPDB resides on NAS).
  • Apart from the VMs that host the IPDB Extractor service, no other VM shares the same network, so they are not able to access data from NAS.


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