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This topic provides a brief description about a list. A list is a variable that refers to a series of comma-separated values (CSV).  You can insert a list into a rule or use it as an argument to a rule action. Lists can act as placeholders for other values, which you can populate and update as needed.

Note: In the User Interface (UI), the date or time displayed depends on the time zone profile selected by the user

The lists cannot be empty, have duplicate or blank values. For example, even if the list has one value it cannot be blank.

Note: If you are defining a report with a rule which has lookup_and_add in the Then clause and direct the report output to a list, the list is not populated with the result.
For example, if you create a rule with ip.src in the select clause and lookup_and_add ('ip.dst','ip.src', 10) in the Then clause, the report displays the result, but if you have redirected the output to a list, the list will be empty.

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