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Security Analytics provides detailed statistics and other information about the host and the individual Security Analytics services on Details views. You can view the current health of all the hosts, services running on the hosts, various aspects of the hosts’ health, host details and service details in the Monitoring view. Procedures that you can perform in this view are provided here: Monitor Hosts and Services

To access this view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Health & Wellness.
  2. Click the Monitoring tab.

    The Monitoring view is displayed.


Groups Panel

The Groups panel lists all the groups of hosts available. When you select a group, the associated content is displayed in the Hosts panel.

Note: If the total host Count in the Groups panel is lower than the actual number of hosts displayed in the Hosts panel, please refer to the Troubleshooting Health & Wellness topic for possible causes of this issue and recommended solutions.  

Hosts Panel

The Hosts panel displays operational statistics for hosts and the services running on each host.

app_view_search.png Type a host name or a service name in the Search box to display the corresponding hosts and services in the Host panel.
Stopped ServicesClick Stopped Services to display a list of all stopped services. It also displays the host on which the service is installed. 
Stopped ProcessingClick Stopped Processing to display a list of all the hosts that have services installed on them that are in the stopped processing status.
Physical drive Problems
<#> host(s)
Click to view the hosts that have physical drive problems.
Logical Drive Problems
<#> host(s)
Click to view the hosts that have logical drive problems.
Full Filesystems
<#> host(s)
Click to view the hosts that have full filesystems.

Note: The buttons on the top display the System Statistics for all the hosts configured in Security Analytics and does not change with host of filters on groups.

The top panel is followed by a list of hosts, the services installed on them and information regarding the hosts and services.

When you click appliance_expand_icon.png prefixed to the host name, a list of all the services installed on the host is displayed. The table below describes various parameters displayed for a service and their description.

Service Displays the status of the service.
green_dot.png Ready - denotes that the service is active and running.
red_dot.png Stopped - denotes that the service is stopped or yet to start processing.
ProcessingDisplays the processing status of the Service. 
green_dot.png - denotes that the process is running and the data is being processed at a rate greater than zero.
red_dot.png - denotes that the processing is stopped.
yellow_dot.png - denotes that the processing is turned on but the data is not being processed.
RateDenotes the rate at which the data is being processed.
NameName of the service.
Service TypeName of the type of service.
CPUDisplays the current CPU usage of the service.
Memory UsageDisplays the Memory used by the service.
UptimeDisplays the time for which the service has been running.


For more details on each of these topics, see:

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