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Alarms help you monitor hosts and services installed in the Health and Wellness interface. Policy rules, that you define or assign to hosts and services, in the Policies view ( see Manage Policies ) trigger these alarms.

The Alarms view displays the alarms you have set up to alert you when when the user-defined limitations for hosts and services are reached.

The required permission to access this view is Manage services. To access the Alarms view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Health & Wellness.
    The Health & Wellness Interface opens with the Alarms view displayed. The Alarms view contains an alarms list and an Alarm Details panel.

This figure depicts the Alarms view.


This figure depicts the Alarms tab with the Alarms Details panel expanded.


For the related procedure, see Monitor Alarms

Alarms List

The alarms list displays all the alarms that you have configured  in Security Analytics. You set up the parameters for alarms  in Manage Policies.  It contains the following information for each alarm.

Note: Security Analytics sorts the alarms in time order. There is no filtering in this view.

TimeTime when alarm was triggered.

Status of the alarm:

  • Active -  the statistical threshold was crossed triggering the alarm.
  • Cleared -  the clearing threshold was crossed and the alarm is no longer active.

Severity assigned to this alarm:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
PolicyName of the policy in which the rule that triggers the alarms is defined. 
Rule NameName of the rule that triggers the alarm.
ServiceService defined in the rule.
HostnameHost on which the alarm is triggered.
StatStatistic selected in the rule that triggers the alarm.
ValueValue of the statistic that triggered the alarm.
Cleared ValueValue of the statistic in the rule that forced the alarm to a cleared state.
Cleared TimeTime when the alarm was forced to a cleared state.
IdIdentification number of the alarm.

From 10.6.3 onwards, the relevant parameters can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Alarm Details Panel

 The Alarm Details panel displayed information for the alarm elected in the Alarms list. It contains all the information in the Alarms list plus the following fields.

  • Notified Time
  • Suppression Start Time
  • Suppression Start Time
  • Suppression Start (Selected TimeZone)
  • Suppression End (Selected TimeZone)
  • Policy Id
  • Rule Id
  • Host Id
  • Stat Id
  • ItemKey
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