Azure: Step 3. Configure Host VMs in SA

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Configure individual hosts and services as described in RSA Security Analytics Host and Services Configuration Guide. This guide also describes the procedures for applying updates and preparing for version upgrades. 

Note: After you successfully create a VM, Azure assigns a default hostname to it. Refer to "Change the Name and Hostname of a Host" ( in the Security Analytics help for instructions on changing a hostname.

  1. SSH to the host using the credentials you specified in the 1 Basics section of the Create VM wizard when you created the VM in Azure (in item 4d of Step 2. Deploy Component Core Services in Azure).
  2. Reset the password for root.
  3. SSH to the host using root for username and the password created in the previous step and provide Security Analytics an IP for provisioning.

  4. Log in to Security Analytics.
  5. Go to Administration > Hosts.
    The New Hosts dialog is displayed with the host VMs that you created in Azure.

  6. Select the hosts that you want to enable.
    The Enable menu option becomes active.
  7. Click Enable.
  8. In the main Hosts view, click Discover.

    Security Analytics discovers the new host.
  9. Select the component service (for example, Log Collector).

    After you successfully provision the hosts, you can use the Security Analytics and all its features.
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