000035438 - Unable to make changes to an RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle collector

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Article Number000035438
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance and Lifecycle 
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9, 7.0+
IssueThe following error will display while making changes to the collector though there are no collection runs in either a Pending or In Progress state under the Admin > Monitoring tab.

There is a collection in progress for this collector. Changes are not allowed to be submitted until the collection completes.

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CauseThe main collection run is aborted (i. e., it may be killed/stale run/server restart while collection running/manual back end run status update) while there were jobs left in the In Progress state in T_DATA_RUN_TASKS.  For this reason, the system does not allow editing of the collector configuration.
ResolutionUpgrading to Version 7.0.2 Patch 03 will fix this issue.
WorkaroundNOTE: It is always recommended to take a backup of the database before making any changes to the tables.
Please check if there are any collections pending or in progress status on the Admin > Monitoring tab. Once you confirm  there are no such runs follow the below steps.
  1. Run the following query to check if there are runs marked with the IN PROGRESS state in the T_DATA_RUN_TASKS table.
    SELECT * FROM t_data_run_tasks WHERE status = 'InProgress'; 

  2. You will see an output similar to what is shown here. This indicates there is an Identity Data Collection run in an "in progress" state from 4 July 2017. If you are getting the error while editing the collector, then it is probably because of this particular run which is in the in progress state.
    User-added image
  3. Run the following query by replacing the source with the source from the above output.
    SELECT * FROM t_data_run_tasks WHERE source = 5 AND status = 'InProgress' AND 
    TYPE IN ('DataCollection', 'DataProcessing', 'DataPreProcessing', 'DataObjectProcessing', 'DataRelationshipProcessing');

  4. Take note of the Run IDs and see the tasks in that collection run.
    1. Navigate to Admin > Monitoring.
    2. Select the Run ID.
    3. Scroll down to Tasks.
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  5.  Use query below to mark them as Aborted (be sure to use correct source) and commit changes. The collector should be editable after that.
    UPDATE t_data_run_tasks SET status = 'Aborted' WHERE source = 5 AND status = 'InProgress' AND 
    TYPE IN ('DataCollection', 'DataProcessing', 'DataPreProcessing', 'DataObjectProcessing', 'DataRelationshipProcessing');