RSA SecurID Access: Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication

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This on-demand learning presents details of the multi-factor authentication options available in RSA SecurID Access



This FREE on-demand learning describes the multi-factor authentication options that are used by RSA SecurID Access. Details of each option are discussed as well as the process to register the RSA SecurID Authenticate mobile app and how to use the RSA SecurID Authenticate tokencode to authenticate through standard RSA Authentication Manager agents. Demonstrations of the key configurations are provided to augment the descriptions and to show the specific steps involved.



RSA SecurID Access customers interested in understanding more about how Multi-factor Authentication components can be configured for various applications and access policies


Delivery Type

On-Demand Learning



30 Minutes


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Students should have familiarity with the concepts of: strong (multi-factor) user authentication.

Students should view the following RSA University on-demand learning courses prior to this course to help provide the background information about this product:


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the concept of multi-factor authentication and how RSA SecurID Access support multi-factor authentication
  • Know the configurations available for “My Page” and device registration constraints
  • Know how the RSA SecurID Authenticate app registration process works
  • Know how to integrate an RSA SecurID Authenticate tokencode with RSA Authentication Manager Standard Agents to achieve extended authentication capability for a system


Course Outline 

  • Multi-factor Authentication
    • Multi-factor authentication Overview
    • RSA SecurID Access Authentication Methods
    • RSA SecurID Authenticate (mobile) App
  • Configuring ‘My Page’ and Registering the RSA SecurID Authenticate Mobile App
    • My Page web page configurations
    • Selectively allowing access for mobile device registration
    • Registering a mobile device
  • Using the RSA SecurID Authenticate App with an RSA Authentication Manager Standard Agent
    • Using RSA SecurID passcodes for Step-up Authentication
    • Architecture and configuration
    • Supporting installations and deployments
    • Administrative tasks
    • Establishing the Identity Router connection



Access Training



In order to register for a class, you need to first create an EMC account

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