000035458 - Error launching the Aveksa Kiosk Password-Reset-form aka Desktop Based Password Reset in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle using Internet Explorer web browser

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Article Number000035458
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0.x
IssueIn Internet Explorer, when clicking on the "Reset My Password" link (enabled through the Aveksa Password Kiosk), the screen that comes up to reset the password is a normal browser window pointing to a different DLL rather than the expected Aveksa Password Reset form. Example:

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CauseThis is a configuration issue .The  ResetPasswordLink Value in Register.reg file should be  "-k https://name of host/aveksa/ ". However  the "-k" is missing from the ResetPasswordLink form. See the example in the screenshot below :
The –k  needs be added before the hyperlink to use kiosk mode. 
[Note : The Default Browser value  is Iexplor for "Internet Explorer." The –k can be added before the hyperlink to use kiosk mode . You can Change value for Browser from Iexplore to your preferred browser in the Browser field of Register.reg file, if needed]
The location in the registry is HKLM\Software\RSA\IMG\Kios and should include the settings for Browser, BrowserDirectory, ResetPasswordLink.

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Edit the contents of the Register.reg file .  Modify  ResetPasswordLink by adding -k flag to use kiosk mode. 
1] Click on Start button of your windows host/Desktop -- Click Run 
2] Type 'regedit'  it will launch Registry Editor Window.
3] Click on Path HKLM --Software--RSA--IMG--Kios  (HKLM\Software\RSA\IMG\Kios) 
4] Select ResetPasswordLink click Edit-Modify from main Menu to Edit String 
5] Modify ResetPasswordLink data by  adding -k in front of https shown in image below :
–k need  to add before the hyperlink to use kiosk mode as:  -k https://gnl.rsa.local/aveksa/unlock?ReqTy]
6) Save Registry entries
7) Try/Test  password kiosk
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NotesThe Aveksa Kiosk is a solution that allows enterprises to deploy a login solution that allows reset of passwords for an authorization source for Aveksa Compliance Manager. The Kiosk provides a way to integrate the “External Password Reset” form to a Windows Desktop Login module.