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This topic provides an overview of the Deployment panel. The Deployment panel enables you to create and configure the deployments. The Deployment panel includes the following sections:

  • ESA Services
  • ESA Rules

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Deployment Panel

The following figure shows the Deployment panel.
Rules Tab Deployment Panel


ESA Services

Using the ESA Services section, you can manage each ESA service in the deployment.

In the ESA Services section, you can perform the following.

Add icon Add an ESA service to the deployment. 
Delete icon Remove the selected ESA service from the deployment.
Show UpdatesOpen the Updates to the Deployment dialog.
Deploy NowDeploy current set of rules.

The following table lists the parameters of the ESA Services section.

StatusIndicates if the deployment status is AddedDeployedUpdated, or Failed.
NameName of the ESA service.
AddressIP address of the host where the ESA service is installed.
VersionVersion of the ESA service.
Last Deployment DateThe date and time when the ESA service was last deployed.

ESA Rules

In the ESA Rules section, you manage rules in the deployment. This section lists all rules that are currently in the deployment. 

In the ESA Rules section, you can perform the following.

Add icon Open the Deploy ESA Rules dialog, where you can select a rule.
Delete icon Remove the selected ESA rules from the deployment.
Filter icon Filter the list of rules.
Search field Search for a rule.

The following table lists the parameters of the ESA Rules section.

StatusIndicates the rule status:
  • Deployed - the rule is deployed.
  • Updated - the rule has been updated since the last deployment.
  • Added - the rule has been added since the last deployment.
  • Failed - the deployment failed.
Rule NamePurpose of the ESA rule.
Trial RuleDeployment mode to see if the rule runs efficiently.
SeverityThreat level of alert triggered by the rule.
OutputThe type of the ESA rule.
Email, SNMP, Syslog, ScriptIndicates which notification types are used for alerts generated by the rules.
Last ModifiedThe date and time when the ESA rule was last modified.
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