Warehouse Analytics: View All Jobs Panel

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View All Jobs Panel

Note: Warehouse Analytics is not supported in Netwitness Suite 11.0 or later.

In the View All Jobs panel you can see all jobs with related information. You can select a date from the calendar to view a list of successfully run jobs for the chosen date. You can view jobs in full screen.


This workflow is overview of the entire procedure to access Warehouse data and viewing, analyzing and investigating Warehouse Analytics reports. To generate reports you must import the Warehouse Analytics models from the RSA Live and define and schedule a job.

What do you want to do?

Role I want to ...Show me how
AdministratorAccess Warehouse DataConfigure Reporting Engine to Access Warehouse Data
AdministratorConfigure Reports for Warehouse DataConfigure Reports for Warehouse Analytics
AdministratorManage a Warehouse Analytics Job

Manage Reports for Warehouse Analytics

Threat AnalystView and analyze a Report

Analyze Warehouse Analytics Reports

Threat AnalystInvestigate a ReportInvestigation from Warehouse Analytics Reports

*You can complete these tasks here (that is in the View All Jobs Panel).

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Quick Look

The following figure shows the View All Jobs Panel:

View Tab in Warehouse Analytics Module

Double-click on an execution to view the job details in full screen.

Jobs Output Panel

Note: If no list is shown, select a date from the calendar to view a list of jobs.

The View tab (Reports > Warehouse Analytics > View all Jobs) has the following panels:

  1. Job Executions Toolbar
  2. Jobs Output
  3. Jobs Calendar
  4. Jobs Time

Job Executions toolbar

Click to search schedules based on the scheduled job name for a selected calendar day.

Jobs Output Panel

The Job Output panel displays the job with the job schedule name, job generated time and the actual job with the list of suspicious domains along with their risk score.

Jobs Output Panel

Jobs Calendar Panel

The Job Calendar panel is used to select a date from the Calendar. Based on the date you select the list of successfully run jobs for the date is displayed.

Jobs Calendar Panel

Jobs Time Panel

The Reports Time panel displays the time when the job was actually run.

Jobs Time Panel

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