(Optional) Adding Roles and Assigning Permissions for the Roles

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Note: Warehouse Analytics is not supported in Netwitness Suite 11.0 or later.

In addition to the five pre-configured Analysts roles you can add custom roles and assign permissions to the roles in the Roles tab. Only a user who has the right set of permissions can perform the tasks in the Warehouse Analytics module. The access control is managed by the Administrator from the ADMIN > Security > Roles tab.

As an Administrator you must ensure that the roles created for specific tasks have access to all the permissions higher in the hierarchy of roles. 

Pre-configured Roles

Although NetWitness Suite has five pre-configured roles, you can add custom roles. For example, in addition to the pre-configured Analysts role you can add custom roles for AnalystsEurope and AnalystsAsia.

AdministratorsAllows full system access.
OperatorsAllows access to configurations but not to data.
AnalystsAllows access to data but not to configurations.
SOC_ManagersAllows same access as Analysts with additional permission to handle incidents.
Malware_AnalystsAllows access to malware events only.

Depending on the user role, you can set the following access permissions to access the Warehouse Analytics module:

  • Define Jobs
  • Delete Jobs
  • Manage Jobs
  • View Jobs

Note: You must enable all of these permissions for a user role to be able to define, delete, manage, and view jobs.

For more information on the list of permissions, see  "Role Permissions" topic in the System Security and User Management Guide.  

To add roles and assign permissions on the Roles tab:

  1. Go to ADMIN > Security.

    The Administration Security view is displayed.

  2. Click the Roles tab.

    The Roles view is displayed.

    Roles tab

  3. In the Roles view, click  in the toolbar.

    The Add Role dialog is displayed.

    Add Role Dialog

  4. In the Role Info field, enter the following information for the role:

    • Name
    • (Optional) Description
  5. In the Permissions field, select the Reports module that the role will access and select each permission the role will have.
  6. Repeat step 5 to select all the permissions required for the role.
  7. Click Save.
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