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Subscriptions are NetWitness Platform Live resources to which you subscribed in the Live Search view or Live Resource view. When you subscribe to a resource, you agree to receive updates on a regular basis from RSA NetWitness Platform Live. The choices made in the Live Configuration panel determine how often synchronization occurs and if you receive email notifications of updates. In addition, if you don't want to wait for the next update, you can force an immediate synchronization.

The Subscriptions tab provides a way to manage subscriptions. Each resource to which NetWitness Platform is subscribed is listed in this tab.

In the Subscriptions tab, you can:

  • View all resources to which this NetWitness Platform instance is subscribed.
  • Open a detailed view of a subscription in the Live Resource View.
  • Delete a subscription.

Note: Subscribing to a resource does not deploy the resource to any services. To deploy one or more subscribed resources, go to the Deployments tab. To deploy a single resource manually, use the Deploy option in the Resource View.

The required permission to access this view is Manage Live Resources.

To access this view, in the main menu, select CONFIGURE > Subscriptions.

The Subscriptions tab is open by default.

This is an example of the Subscriptions tab

The Subscriptions tab has a toolbar and a grid.


This table describes the options available in the toolbar.

Delete icon Deletes the selected subscriptions.
Details icon Displays the details of a single subscribed resource in the Resource View.

Check Live Server icon

Check the Live Server for the latest discontinued resources.


Select icon Selects subscribed resources to view in detail or delete. You can view details for a single resource. You can delete one or more resources from the subscribed resources, in effect unsubscribing.
NameDisplays name of the subscribed resource.
TypeDisplays type of subscribed resource.
VersionDisplays version of the subscribed resource.


Indicates the status of the discontinued resources for the subscribed resource.

Yes - Resource is discontinued.

No - Resource is not discontinued.

-- - The Live Server is not checked for the discontinued resources.

UpdatedDisplays date and time when the subscribed resource was last updated.
DescriptionDisplays description of the subscribed resource.
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