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These procedures are required when administrators want to search for, subscribe to, and/or deploy resources from Live. With a connection to the CMS server, you can search for, subscribe to, and deploy resources from Live in accordance with your subscription level. Once you have found resources, you deploy them to services and service groups that have been configured in the Admin Services view.


There are several possible workflows for deploying resources to services and managing those deployments. These include:

  • Subscribe and deploy resources
  • Deploy a resource bundle
  • Remove deployments of resources
  • Download resources
  • Set up data feeds

Manage Subscription and Deployment

The subscription and deployment workflow takes advantage of the resource management tools available in Live. By subscribing to resources, you agree to receive updated resources in accordance with the synchronization configured in the ADMIN > Live Configuration panel.

By adding subscribed resources to the deployments list, you configure NetWitness Platform to automatically push those resources to the selected services at the configured synchronization intervals. This method requires some planning of service groups and services where resources are deployed. In addition:

To manage subscriptions and deployment:

  1. In the ADMIN > SYSTEM > Live panel, specify an interval at which NetWitness Platform checks for updates to subscribed resources in Live and specify the email addresses of people to receive an email listing subscribed resources that have been updated.
  2. In the Live Search view, search for and subscribe to Live resources.
  3. In the Live Configure view > Deployments tab, select subscribed resources and add them to the deployment list for services groups.
  4. (Optional) In the ADMINSYSTEMLive panel, click Synchronize Now to deploy the resources listed in the Deployments tab immediately.
  5. In the Live Configure view > Deployments tab, select deployed resources and remove them from services groups.
  6. In the Live Configure view > Subscriptions tab, unsubscribe from resources.

Remove a Deployed Resource

Once deployed to a service, Live resources remain on the service until removed. It is a good practice to remove unused resources from services on which they are deployed.

To remove deployed resources:

  1. Go to the Live Resource View,
  2. Unsubscribe from a resource, and remove it from deployed services.

Deploy a Resource Bundle

To deploy a content package, use the Resource Package Deployment Wizard. You can deploy a content package created in Live to one or more services. NetWitness Platform accepts packages in .nwp files or .zip files.

Download Resources

To download resources to your local file system, use the Download button in the Live Resource view.

Set Up Data Feeds

In the Live Feeds view, you can set up and maintain Custom and Identify feeds.

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