ESA Config: Change Memory Threshold for Trial Rules

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This procedure is optional and applies only to ESA Correlation Rules.

Administrators can increase or decrease the memory threshold for trial rules. Threshold refers to the ESA memory usage, which includes ESA base memory, trial rules, and non-trial rules. When the threshold is exceeded, all deployed trial rules on an ESA service are disabled. 

You use trial rules to see if a rule runs efficiently and does not use excessive memory, which can impact performance or force the service to shut down.

By default, the memory threshold is 90, which is the percentage of Java Virtual Memory (JVM).

  • The memory threshold is per ESA, not per rule.
  • When the memory threshold is exceeded, all trial rules running on the ESA are automatically disabled. 
  • The ESA configuration has the following parameters for trial rules:
    • fatal-percentage: If memory rises above this percentage, ESA disables trial rules. For example, if fatal-percentage is set to 90, when memory rises above 90 percent, ESA disables trial rules.
    • check-every: This parameter determines how often ESA checks the fatal-percentage to disable trial rules.

For more information, see "Work with Trial Rules" in the Alerting with ESA Correlation Rules User Guide.


A role with administrative privileges must be assigned to you.

To change memory threshold for trial rules:

  1. Log on to NetWitness Platform as admin.
  2. Go to Admin > Services.
  3. Select the ESA Correlation service and then select Actions icon > View > Explore.
  4. In the Explore view node list, select correlation > health.
    ESA Correlation Service Explore view fatal-percentage
  5. In the right panel, in fatal-percentage, type a percentage of JVM that trial rules on the ESA cannot exceed.
    The new memory threshold takes effect immediately.
  6. If necessary, you can also adjust the check-every parameter, which determines how often ESA checks the fatal-percentage to disable trial rules. By default, ESA checks the fatal-percentage every 15 minutes.

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