Licensing: Initial Set Up

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This topic provides all of the steps required for installing entitlements in NetWitness Suite. The Administrator setting up licensing needs to perform each step in the proper sequence. After initial setup, refer to Troubleshoot Licensing for any maintenance or troubleshooting information.


The following workflow illustrates the end-to-end licensing process.

End-to-end licensing workflow is displayed.


Before implementing the NetWitness Suite entitlements capability, ensure that the following prerequisites have been met.

  • An order for entitlements is in place with RSA, and a pool of entitlements is available for the customer in the RSA Download Central site -
  • A web browser that supports HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • HTTPS access for the NetWitness Suite web Interface.
  • The NetWitness Server and all appliances managed by the server must be on the same DLC Account ID or account in the order management system. Licenses on the NetWitness Server can be added only to appliances on the same DLC Account ID or account.
  • Administrative access to the NetWitness Server and to other appliances running NetWitness Suite version 11.0.
  • Ability of all appliances to communicate with the NetWitness Server so that appliance licenses remain activated.
  • If online registration between NetWitness Suite and RSA Download Central is planned:

    • Internet access with HTTP from NetWitness Server to Download Central.
    • NetWitness Server DNS resolution of at least the Download Central site.
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