Licensing: Step 3. Install Product Licenses from Download Central (DLC)

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After you order your product, or on SAP order delivery, a DLC Welcome e-mail message is sent to all Customer Contacts that are included on the SAP Sales Order. Each contact receives an e-mail confirmation of the order. If the Customer Contact is a new DLC user, they also receive an e-mail message containing instructions explaining how to create their account.

  1. For new users, the Instructions e-mail message contains a Click Here link, as shown in the following example. This link takes you to the Enrollment Portal, where you must configure a Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) method for your account.

Download Central Welcome message.

  1. After the RBA method is enabled, you receive a Confirmation e-mail message containing your User ID (which is your e-mail address), along with a temporary password. During the initial login session, you are prompted to change your password. Once your password is changed, you are logged into DLC.

Note: If you have a pre-existing account for the Link or RSA Online websites, you receive only one e-mail message that instructs you on how to use your existing login credentials. You will log into DLC with your existing User ID, password, and RSA method(s).

  1. When you navigate to, the RSA Secure Logon screen is displayed.

Secure logon screen is displayed.

  1. Enter your User ID and click OK, which displays the Password field and you get logged into DLC.
    Your contact e-mail address is used to authenticate your User ID. If the Customer Authentication process is successful, the DLC Software/License page displays a list of all the following downloadables that is associated with this particular Customer Contact:
    • RSA Products
    • Serial Numbers
    • Purchase Orders
    • Sales Orders

Note: You may be prompted to verify your identity via your RBA method, if multiple login failures occur in a row, or if you have not logged into DLC within the past several months.

The list of products, sales orders, and purchase orders is filtered and displays only those which were ordered for the Order Location you selected in the drop-down menu.

Order Location menu is displayed.

  1. If your order location is not displayed, you can use the Column Filter to narrow your search by filtering on any of the following criteria:
    • Date
    • Product Name
    • Serial Number
    • Purchase Order
    • Sales Order

In the following example, the Purchase Order filter was used to locate Customer Purchase Order 778899.

Purchase Order Filter drop-down menu is displayed.

Note: Each contact is associated with at least one Customer ID Site. This Site ID is the Install At (physical location) shown in the Purchase Order that the customer submitted to RSA. Some contacts may be associated with multiple Site IDs, each with their own list of downloads.
To switch between Site IDs, click the Please select order location drop-down menu, and select the appropriate address.

  1. When your desired download is located in the Please select order location drop-down menu, select and click the highlighted line item.

Select Order Location from drop-down menu.

  1. Click on the highlighted line item.

Click the highlighted item.

  1. To download your product license, place your cursor over the icon in the last column next to the quantity.

Hover your cursor over the last column to download your product license.

The Order Detail screen is displayed.

  1. Two options are available for downloading your product license.
    - If you select License(s), you are forwarded to the License Information page where you can download your license file by clicking the Download button.
    Select Download option from drop-down menu.
    - If you select Product List, you are forwarded to the Product Information page where you can download your product software by clicking the Description and following the screen prompts.

Product Information page displays if you selected Product List in the previous screen.

Verifying Map Entitlements

Mapping entitlements involves choosing the quantity of available licensed appliance entitlements to pull to the NetWitness Server during synchronization.

To map appliance entitlements to the server:

  1. Log in to DLC.
  1. In the View Server page, click Map Add-Ons.

    The Map Add-Ons section is displayed.

    Map Add-Ons section is displayed.

    The Add-On table lists all entitlements that are available for your account. The table has a row for each appliance entitlement, with the following information:

    • Add-On Name: The name of the entitlement; for example, SMC Concentrator or SMC Decoder.
    • Serial Number: The serial number associated with an order.
    • Expiration: For keys that are not permanent, the expiration information. The value in this field is a specific date (for example, 12/11/2017) or a time range (for example, 90 days). If the value is a time range, the expiration period begins when the add-on is mapped to a server.
    • Available Units in Line Item: The quantity of entitlements currently available in an add-on order. This quantity is the difference between the Total Units and the entitlements that have been pulled to a NetWitness Server for appliance licensing.
    • Total Units in Line Item: The total quantity of entitlements tied to a specific add-on order.
    • Quantity to Add: The number of entitlements tied to a specific add-on order.
  2. To designate the quantity of entitlements to pull to the NetWitness Server from an add-on order, type a quantity in the Units to Configure column.
  3. Click Map Add-Ons.

    The View Server page displays a message indicating that the entitlements were successfully mapped to the NetWitness Server.

    View Server page is displayed.

    Entitlements are now dedicated and set aside from an accounts pool. The message Waiting to add to appliance is displayed in the Status for each entitlement. The entitlements are not yet pulled to the server.

  4. (Optional) If you want to add more entitlements, use the Map Add-Ons option.
  5. (Optional) If you want to remove entitlements, use the Remove Add-Ons option.

Now you can synchronize to pull down the mapped entitlements to the NetWitness Server

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