Licensing: Step 2. Synchronize Security Analytics Server

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In the NetWitness Platform entitlement process, you need to register the NetWitness Server and mapping entitlements to the Local License Server (LLS).

Note: By default NetWitness Platform is configured to synchronize with DLC at regular intervals hence manual synchronization is not required.

To register the License Server ID online:

  1. Navigate to the DLC Portal at and log on with your user credentials.

    The DLC Menu is displayed.

    Download Central menu is displayed.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you have already entered a server, under Management select Search Servers and skip to Step 3.
    • If you have not entered the server information, under Appliance Management select Create Server.
    • The Create Server dialog is displayed.

      Create software license in Download Central dialog is displayed.

  3. Complete these fields in the dialog:

    • Copy or enter (in uppercase letters) the License Server ID in the License Server ID field.
    • In the ID Type drop-down, select ETHERNET (the default value).
    • In the Type drop-down, select Ethernet (the default value).
    • (Optional) In the Alias field, type an alias to your Appliance ID.
  4. Click Create Server.

The server is registered and you can now map entitlements as described below.

Note: By default NetWitness Platform is configured to synchronize with DLC at regular intervals and also a designated nameserver (DNS). No action is required.

Note: In a multiple NetWitness Platform deployment where the services are connected to both primary and secondary NetWitness Platform and the services are licensed only with the primary NetWitness Platform, a license expiry message is shown for the same services on the secondary NetWitness Platform. You can ignore the message and continue using the product.

View Current Licenses

After you have completed the license process, you can view the current licensing status on NetWitness Platform UI.


Each NetWitness Server is a license server providing capabilities to entitle services connected to it. To make entitlements available for licensing services, the entitlements must be downloaded and mapped to the Local License Server (LLS) on the NetWitness Server.

Note: If licensing a hybrid system, which has a Concentrator and Decoder on the same appliance, license each component separately.

View and Manage Licenses

In NetWitness Platform, you can view and manage available licenses.

To view the licenses that are available on this instance of NetWitness Platform:

  1. Go to ADMIN > System.
  2. In the Options panel, select Licensing.

    The License Details tab is displayed.

    Each license is listed in the grid by license type. Information includes the status of the license indicated using color-coded circles and the related information.

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