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NW Cfg: Notification Servers Overview

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Sep 14, 2017Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Nov 11, 2020
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This topic provides an overview of notification servers. You configure notification servers in the Administration System view ( (Admin) > System > Global Notifications > Servers tab).

Global Notifications are used by a variety of components in NetWitness Platform, such as Event Stream Analysis (ESA), Respond, Health and Wellness, New Health and Wellness, Event Source Management (ESM), and Global Audit Logging. Notification settings are called Notification Servers.

Event Stream Analysis sends notifications to users through email, SNMP, or Syslog about various system events. In ESA, these alert notification settings are called Notification Servers. You can configure multiple notification servers and use them while defining an ESA rule, for example, you can configure multiple mail servers or Syslog servers and use the settings while defining an ESA rule.

Note: New Health and Wellness supports only Email and Syslog notifications.

Note: ESA SNMP notifications are not supported for NetWitness Platform 11.3 and later.

You can configure the following notification servers:

  • Email
  • SNMP
  • Syslog 
  • Script

Email notification servers enable you to configure email server settings to send alert notifications. SNMP notification servers enable you to configure SNMP trap host settings as a notification server to send alert notifications.

Syslog notification servers enable you to configure Syslog settings as a notification server to send notifications. When enabled, Syslog provides auditing through the use of the RFC 5424 Syslog protocol. Syslog has proven to be an effective format to consolidate logs, as there are many open source and proprietary tools for reporting and analysis. For Global Audit Logging, you can only use Syslog Notification Servers.

Script notification servers enable you to configure Script as a notification server.

For detailed information on the different notification server configurations, including parameters and descriptions, see Define Notification Server Dialogs.

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