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NW Cfg: Define Notification Template Dialog

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Sep 14, 2017Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Nov 11, 2020
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In the Global Notifications panel, you can configure global notification settings for Notification Servers, Notification Outputs, and Notification Templates. On the Templates tab, you configure the templates for various notifications. The notification template defines the format and message fields of the notifications. You can select a default template or you can use the Define Template dialog to configure and edit templates.

You can define the following template types:

  • Audit Logging
  • Event Stream Analysis
  • Event Source Monitoring
  • Health Alarms
  • (11.5 and later) New Health & Wellness Alarms

Procedures related to notification templates are described in Configure Templates for Notifications

To access the Define Template dialog:

  1. Go to (Admin) > System.
  2. In the left navigation panel, select Global Notifications > Template Tab.
  3. In the Notifications Configurations panel, click , or select a configuration and click .
    The Define Template dialog is displayed.
    Define template dialog box

The following table describes the features in the Define Template dialog.

NameType a unique name for the notification template.
Template TypeSelect the type of template that you want to create:
  • Audit Logging: Use this template for Global Audit Logging.
  • Event Stream Analysis: Use this template type for ESA alert notifications. 
  • Event Source Monitoring: Use this template type for ESM notifications.
  • Health Alarms: Use this template type for Health and Wellness notifications.
  • New Health and Wellness Alarms: Use this template type for New Health and Wellness notifications.
DescriptionAdd a description for the template. For example, if you create a notification template for Log Decoders to use for Global Audit Logging, you could mention that information in the description.
TemplateSpecify the format for the template. Define a Template for Global Audit Logging  provides instructions on how to define an audit logging template to use for Global Audit Logging. To define a template for Event Stream Analysis (ESA), see Define a Template for ESA Alert Notifications.

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