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Sys Maintenance: Include the Default Email Subject Line

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Sep 14, 2017Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Jan 13, 2021
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The emails generated by the notifications you set up for policies do not include the subject line from the Health & Wellness Default Email Notification templates. You need to specify the subject line in the do not include subject lines. This procedure shows you how to insert a subject line into the templates.

For related reference topics, see Policies View and NetWitness Platform Out-of-the-Box Policies.

To include the subject line from a Health & Wellness email template in your email notification:

  1. Go to (Admin) > System.
  2. In the options panel, select Global Notifications.
  3. Select a Health & Wellness Email Template (for example, Health & Wellness Default SMTP Template).

    global notification templates tab
    The Define Template dialog is displayed.

  4. Click Edit icon, then in the Template field, copy the Subject Line (Highlight the subject line and press Ctrl-C) into the buffer.

    Define Template dialog box

  5. Click Cancel to close the Template.
  6. Click the Output tab and select a notification (for example Health & Wellness).

  7. Click Edit icon.

    The Define Email Notification dialog is displayed.

  8. Replace the value in Subject field text box with the subject line that you have in the buffer (highlight the existing text and press Ctl-V).

    Define Email Notification dialoug box

  9. Click Save

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