000035520 - Getting started with the RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service

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Article Number000035520
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID Access
RSA Product/Service Type: Cloud and Identity Router, Cloud Authentication Service
IssueThe RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service is a partly SaaS and partly on-premise product, so installation and configuration does not follow a traditional software path.  This article provides information and references to help you through the initial deployment of the service.
TasksThe initial deployment process includes provisioning, planning, initial credentials, downloads, installation and configuration.

Setup and configuration steps

Information about how to get started with the RSA Cloud Authentication Service is on our Cloud Authentication Service Planning and Configuration page. 

Whether you are setting up a Proof of Concept (POC) or a new Production Deployment, the planning process can begin at any time, without waiting for RSA to provision your Cloud deployment.  Use the following two guides available on the Cloud Authentication Service Planning and Configuration page:

  1. The RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service Planning Guide, which includes important information about product features, then
  2. "Step 1: Plan" instructions in the appropriate Quick Setup Guide for your initial deployment type (available on the right side of the RSA SecurID Cloud Authentication Service page).  When RSA has provisioned your deployment, continue with the remainder of the Guide.

If you have chosen an architecture with more than one Identity Router, we recommend first testing and confirming the deployment is working with one Identity Router, then adding additional standby and/or clustered Identity Routers, as required.

Next Steps

After the initial deployment with one Identity Router, you can add more Identity Routers and load balancer(s) to achieve the optimal network architecture for your ongoing fault tolerance and performance requirements.  Typical architectures are:

  • Single Identity Router.
  • Single Identity Router plus a standby Identity Router
  • High availability Identity Router architecture (multiple Identity Routers, load balanced)
  • High availability Identity Router architecture and a single standby Identity Router
  • High availability Identity Router architecture and a high availability Identity Router Standby architecture
  • Geographically distributed high availability Identity Router architecture
To configure more authentication options and features, see:


Getting help during setup and configuration

If you have engaged RSA Professional Services or an RSA Partner to plan and/or setup and configure the Cloud Authentication Service:

  • They will do some or all of the setup and configuration steps for you, according to the Statement of Work.  They should be your first point of contact if you have any questions during this process, and any subsequent warranty period.
If you are setting up and configuring the Cloud Authentication Service yourself and have questions or encounter issues with the Service, the following are available:

  • The Cloud Authentication Service Help, which can also be accessed by clicking the iicon on the upper right of any RSA Cloud Administration Console page, after logging in.
  • RSA Sales or the RSA Partner with whom you have been working, particularly for problems related to your sales order, licensing, product package, etc.
  • RSA Support for any questions or issues, or for help contacting RSA Sales.

Note that RSA Support is a reactive service only.  It does not provide a step-by-step planning or implementation service.  Support is available to help with specific issues and questions that arise while you do this work.

Deployment Architecture

  • For assistance with designing the best RSA Cloud Authentication Service solution to meet the needs of your organization, we recommend an RSA Professional Services or RSA Partner engagement.
  • RSA Support is available if you have questions about the product's features and requirements, such as Identity Router clustering and backups.
NotesRSA will set up your product license in the RSA Cloud Authentication Service when we provision your deployment.  You will not be given a separate license file.