Create the Identity Router Hyper-V® Virtual Machine

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Use Hyper-V Manager to create a virtual machine for the identity router.

Before you begin 


  1. Sign in to Hyper-V Manager.
  2. To create a new virtual machine, click Hyper-V Host > New > Virtual Machine.
  3. Follow the wizard. In each dialog box, provide the following information.

    Dialog BoxRequired Information
    Specify Name and LocationName of the identity router virtual machine.
    Specify GenerationSelect Generation 1.
    Assign MemoryStartup memory = 8192 MB (recommended).
    Configure NetworkingSelect the network for the management network adaptor.
    Connect Virtual Hard DiskSelect Use an existing virtual hard disk and browse to the location where the identity router VHD image is available.
    Completing the New Virtual Machine WizardReview and click Finish.

    The new virtual machine appears in the list of virtual machines.

  4. To configure the second network, select the new virtual machine, right-click, and select Settings .
  5. On the Add Hardware page, select Network Adapter and click Add.
  6. On the Network Adaptor page, select the network for your portal/proxy interface, then click Apply and OK.
  7. Select the new virtual machine from the list of virtual machines. Right-click and select Start.
  8. With the virtual machine selected, right-click again and select Connect.


The Identity Router VM Console displays.

After you finish 

Configure Initial Network Settings Using the Identity Router VM Console



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