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MA: Services Config View - Hash Tab

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Sep 15, 2017Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Sep 3, 2020
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This topic introduces the features and functions available in the Service Config view > Hash tab for Malware Analysis.

In this tab, you can manage hash filtering in Malware Analysis. The hash grid is initially empty; the grid lists filters that have been added to Malware Analysis. In this view, you can add a hash filter, delete a hash filter, mark a hash filter as trusted or untrusted, and save changes.


What do you want to do?

RoleI Want to...Show me how
AdministratorConfigure General Malware Analysis Settings Configure General Malware Analysis Settings
AdministratorConfigure Indicators of CompromiseConfigure Indicators of Compromise


Configure Auditing on Malware Analysis Host

(Optional) Configure Auditing on Malware Analysis Host

AdministratorConfigure Hash Filter* (Optional) Configure Hash Filter


Configure Installed Anti virus Vendor

Configure Installed Antivirus Vendors

AdministratorConfigure Malware Analysis Proxy Settings(Optional) Configure Malware Analysis Proxy Settings


Register a TreadGRID API Key

(Optional) Register for a ThreatGRID API Key

AdministratorEnable Community AnalysisEnable Community Analysis

*You can perform this task in the current view

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Basic Setup

Quick Look

This is an example of the Hash tab.

1Displays the Hash Tab.

This is an example of the Add Hash dialog.


The Hash tab consists of a toolbar and a pageable hash grid.

This table describes the Hash tab toolbar.

MD5 Search Enter an MD5 hash for which you want to search the results in the grid. The search function is case-insensitive.
Add Displays the Add Hash dialog in which you can add a new hash to the hash grid, specify whether the hash is trusted or not, and provide the hash file size.
Save Edit Saves any additions or edits to hashes in the grid.
Delete Deletes selected hashes from the grid.

This table describes the Hash grid columns.

Select Checkbox Click to select a row. Click in the column header to select a header.
Trusted Marks a hash as trusted or untrusted.
MD5 Identifies the MD5 hash.
File Size Identifies the hash file size in kilobytes.

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