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Investigate: Events View - Text Analysis Panel

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development on Sep 18, 2017Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development on Jan 30, 2020
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In the Text panel (Events > Text ), you can safely view and analyze the raw text payload of an event. The Text panel includes features that can show decompressed or compressed text, expand truncated entries, perform URL and Base64 encoding and decoding, and download network events, logs, and endpoint events. The Text panel is available for all types of events: network, log, and endpoint.


This workflow has references to several views that were renamed in Version 11.4: Event Analysis --> Events, Events --> Legacy Events.

the investigation workflow with tasks done in the Text Analysis panel highlighted

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*You can perform this task in the current view.

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Quick Look

The Events view displays the text of a single event in the Text panel. When you click an event in the Event list panel, the adjacent panel shows the Text Analysis. Only the raw log for log events and endpoint events is shown in the Text panel. For network events, the direction of the packet (Request or Response) and contents of each packet are provided in text format. For more examples of the Text, see Reconstructing and Analyzing Events. For detailed procedures, see Analyze Events in the Events View.

Text Analysis with important features labeled

1Options for exporting a log, a PCAP, or files for deeper analysis and to share with others. This download menu is for network data.
2The event header information.
3The payload for a network event includes requests and responses. This is the request side of the packet.
4This is the response side of the packet.

(Version 11.2 and later) Event pagination controls allow more flexibility in paging through a list of events. When a control is unavailable, the image is dimmed; for example, when you are viewing page 1, the the pagination button to go to page 1 and the pagination button to go to the previous page controls are dimmed.

the pagination button to go to page 1 - Go to the first page

the pagination button to go to the previous page - Go to the previous page

the pagination button to go to the next page - Go to the next page

the pagination button to go to the last page - Go to last page (Only available after last page has already been navigated to)

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