NW: Viewing and Deleting Notifications

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While you are working in NetWitness Suite, you can view recent system notifications without leaving the module in which you are working. You can open a quick view of notifications from the NetWitness Suite toolbar. You can look anytime, but when a new notification is received, the Notifications icon is flagged.

Examples of notifications include:

  • A host upgrade completed.
  • A parser push to decoders completed.
  • A newer software version is available.

You can see all notifications in a full Notifications panel in these two views.

  • In the Profile view, you see only your notifications.
  • In the System view, users with administrative privileges can view and manage all notifications for all users in a single panel.

View Notifications

To display the Notifications tray, click the Notifications icon (Image of Notifications icon, which looks like a bell.).

Image of the Notifications tray, with notifications listed.

View All Notifications

To view all notifications, do one of the following:

  1. Go to Profile, then in the options panel of the Profile view, select Notifications.

  2. Go to ADMIN > System, then in the options panel of the System view, select Notifications.
  3. Click Notifications icon to open the Notifications tray, then click View All in the Notifications tray.

    The Notifications panel is displayed. Here all notifications are displayed, and the format is different from the format of the Notifications Tray.

    Image of the Notifications Panel, with notifications listed.

Delete Notification Records

To delete notification records:

  1. In the Profile Notifications table, select the notifications that you want to delete.
  2. Click Image of the Delete icon, which looks like a minus sign..

    The selected notifications are deleted from this table and from the Notifications Tray.

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