000035577 - How do I subscribe to product advisories on RSA Link?

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Article Number000035577
Applies ToThis article applies to the following audiences:
  • RSA Customers
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IssueI want to make sure that I am notified via email whenever an advisory is published or updated for my RSA product.
TasksAll product announcements, as well as technical and security advisories, (formerly known as SCOL Notes and Advisories) are now found and distributed on RSA Link.  Users can easily find the advisories that interest them, and also have the option to subscribe to them in order to receive email notifications when new advisories are published.

There are four types of advisories in RSA Link, which are explained below.
Advisory TypeDescription
Product AdvisoryAnnouncements of upcoming releases, service packs, patches, etc.
Security AdvisoryAddress security vulnerabilities and how they affect RSA products.
Service NotificationUsed to notify SaaS and Hosted customers of events such as upcoming maintenance, unscheduled downtime, etc.
Technical AdvisoryAnnouncements of a technical nature, such as to report an issue that affects a large subset of customers.


Security Advisories published prior to 2019 and Service Notifications (as well as some Technical Advisories depending on the product) are only accessible to customers with valid maintenance contracts associated with their account.

ResolutionThere are several ways to subscribe to advisories on RSA Link, which are described below.

Automatically subscribing when registered as a customer or partner

When a user registers for an RSA Link account and selects the I am an RSA Customer or Partner option, they will be automatically subscribed to all product advisories for the products for which they have active maintenance contracts.  No further action needs to be taken to receive those notifications.

Manually subscribing by following the advisories spaces

All content, users and locations (aka "spaces" or pages) on RSA Link can be "followed" which results in email notifications being sent when content is created or updated.  Users are able to manually "follow" any of the Advisories spaces on RSA Link to which they have access, even if they do not own the product.  For example, if a user has an active maintenance contract for the RSA NetWitness Platform but wishes to remain informed of any advisories for the RSA Archer Suite then he/she can follow the latter product's Advisories space.

To manually follow an advisories space for a product, follow the steps below.
  1. Log in to the RSA Link website.
  2. Navigate to the product page whose advisories you wish to follow and then click on the ADVISORIES link in the product menu at the top of the page.
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  3. Click on the Follow button in the top-right corner of the page.
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  4. Select both the Following and Inbox options to enable email notifications for new and updated advisories.
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  5. To also subscribe to Service Notifications (and Technical Advisories for FRI products which are segregated), where applicable, click on the desired advisory type under the ADVISORY TYPES section and then repeat steps 3-4 above.
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Manually subscribing via the Subscriptions page

The Subscriptions page, which allows users to subscribe to advisories for all products from a single location, can be found by clicking on the Version Upgrades button found on most product downloads page and then clicking on the Advisories Subscriptions tab at the top of the page, or by navigating directly to https://community.rsa.com/subscriptions in your web browser.

Once on this page, simply select the products for which you wish to receive email notifications when advisories are published and then click on the Submit button.

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Manually Subscribing via the Subscriptions tab in the Case Management portal

After logging in to RSA Link and clicking on the My Cases option in the main menu (or navigating directly to https://community.rsa.com/cases) you can click on the Subscriptions tab which allows users to subscribe to advisories for all products from a single location similar to the previous option.

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NotesIf you encounter any issues with these processes, please contact RSA Support for assistance.

For information specific to service notifications for hosted RSA Archer Suite environments, refer to the following article: How do I subscribe to service notifications for RSA Archer Suite hosted environments on RSA Link?