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Security Analytics contains some some basic elements in every browser window. These features are included in all views of Security Analytics.

To display this view, do one of the following:

  • Log on to Security Analytics at https://<SA-IP>, where <SA-IP> is the Security Analytics server IP address.
  • In the Security Analytics menu, select Dashboard.


Every browser window that is accessing Security Analytics includes these elements:

  • The Security Analytics menu
  • The Security Analytics toolbar
  • The footer

Security Analytics Toolbar

At the top of all Security Analytics dashboards is the Security Analytics toolbar. Different modules have different content based on available views. Here are two examples of the Security Analytics toolbar.



These are the features of the Security Analytics toolbar.

Security Analytics Menu

Contains options to access modules, Help, Profile, and Sign Out. Some modules have a submenu of views.

Module View optionsDisplays a view. The option for the currently displayed view is highlighted.
Security Analytics menu

Displays the current module as the title. Click to open a drop-down menu from which you can view a module, view the Profile, or sign out of Security Analytics.

Jobs button JobsIcon.pngDisplays the Jobs tray, which provides information on jobs for a user.

Notifications button

Displays the Notifications tray, which provides notifications for a user.

Help button help iconDisplays the online help for Security Analytics.


Security Analytics Menu

The Security Analytics menu is on the left side of the Security Analytics toolbar.


These are the options in the Security Analytics menu.

Menu OptionDescription
DashboardDisplays the Security Analytics Dashboard.
InvestigationDisplays the Investigation module with the Navigate view open. The submenu has an option to display the Navigate view, the Events view, and the Malware Analysis view.

Displays the Incident Management module.

The submenu has an option to display the Queue view, Alerts view, Remediation view, and Configure view

AlertsDisplays the Alerts module with the Configure view open. The submenu has options to directly access the views: Summary and Configure.
ReportsDisplays the Reports module with the Reports view open.
AdministrationDisplays the Administration module with the Services view open. The submenu has options to directly access the Administration views: Hosts, Services, Event Sources, Health & Wellness, System, or Security.
LiveDisplays the Live module with the Configure view open. The submenu has options to directly access the Live views: Search, Configure, and Feeds.
ProfileDisplays the Profile to configure user preferences, and view notifications and jobs.
Sign OutSigns out of Security Analytics.


The page footer is at the bottom of the browser window.

The footer provides the following information:

  • The username of the logged on user
  • The last login date and time of a user
  • The current Security Analytics version
  • The set time zone
  • The set language

Send Us Feedback

The Send Us Feedback option opens a new email message addressed to our feedback center. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and consider them an integral part of our new features and improvements process in Security Analytics.


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