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This topic introduces the features of the Services Config View > Parsers tab.

In the Services Config view > Parsers tab, you can view deployed parsers on a Decoder, upload parsers, and delete deployed parsers. Parsers can be added and removed while a Decoder is running without affecting capture. Refer to Configure Feeds and Parsers for a general introduction to the use of parsers on Decoders.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, any reference to Decoders applies to Log Decoders as well.

You can access this view by doing the following:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.
  2. Select a service and Actions menu cropped >View > Config.
    The Config view for the selected service is displayed.
  3. Click the Parsers tab

This is an example of the Parsers tab.


The Parser Grid lists all parsers that are currently deployed on the Decoder. The Parser Tab Toolbar has options to work with parsers in the grid.

Parsers Tab Toolbar

This is an example of the toolbar.

IconFeedUpload.png Enables you to upload parsers to a Decoder or Log Decoder.
104DeleteIcon.png Requests confirmation that you want to delete the selected parsers. You can select No to cancel the deletion or select Yes to delete the selected parsers.

Parser Grid

The Parser Grid provides a listing of all currently deployed parsers for the Decoder.

Name The name of the parser or the parser file.
Live Indicates if the parser originated from Live. Possible values are Yes, No, or N/A.
  • Yes = Installed through Live
  • No = Installed through Security Analytics
  • N/A = The parser has no attributes file created by Security Analytics to track the installation date. The parser may have been installed manually, not through Security Analytics or Live. Manually installed feeds still function properly.
Date Installed The date the parser was pushed to the service.
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