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This topic introduces the features and functions available in the  Service Config view > IOC Summary tab. This tab provides a way to view summary information for any IOC. A grid for each scoring module lists the configured IOCs along with statistics associated with that IOC of a specific range of time. The statistics include:

  •  The number of events for a network session or the number of files for a static, community, or sandbox event that were flagged with the IOC.
  • The current score configured for the IOC in the Indicators of Compromise tab.
  • The scores returned by each of the scoring modules.

When you select an event, you can show the Malware Events view or Malware Files view for the IOC. You can also open the selected IOC in the Indicators of Compromise tab to edit the Current Score.

This is an example of the IOC Summary tab for the Network scoring module.


The IOC Summary consists of four tabs, one for each scoring module: Network, Static, Community, and Sandbox. Each tab has the same form and same information with a toolbar and pageable grid.

This table describes the features of each tab.

Time Range Selects the time range for the IOC Summary. Possible values are: Last 5 Minutes, Last 15 Minutes, Last 30 Minutes, Last Hour, Last 3 Hours, Last 6 Hours, Last 12 Hours, Last 24 Hours, Last 2 Days, Last 5 Days, Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, All Day, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, or Custom.
Description columnLists the descriptions for the IOCs.
Count columnLists the number of occurrences of the IOCs. In the Network tab, the count is the number of events in which the IOC was found. In the other tabs, the count is the number of files in which the IOC was found.
Current Score columnLists the current score for the IOCs as configured in the Indicators of Compromise tab.
Static, Network, Community, and Sandbox columnsList the scores that each of the scoring modules gave the IOCs.
Actions drop-downThe Actions drop-down menu has two options:
Show Events/Files and Edit. Show Events opens the IOC in the Investigation Events view or Files view. This view can also be opened by double-clicking on the IOC. Edit opens the IOC in the Indicators of Compromise tab to edit the Current Score.
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