AWS (CloudTrail) Collection: Troubleshoot

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This topic highlights possible problems that you may encounter with AWS (CloudTrail) Collection and suggested solutions to these problems.

Note: In general, you receive more robust log messages by disabling SSL.

Log Message/
No bucket key found under 'arn:aws:s3:::bucket-name/AWSLogs/account-id/CloudTrail/region/'. Determine if the 'S3 Bucket Name' for CloudTrail is configured and that 'Account Id' and 'Region' are correct. Also determine if the CloudTrail account is configured with a 'Log File Prefix' and if so, it is also defined correctly for this event source.
Possible CauseThe S3 Bucket Name parameter and its associated parameters are not configured correctly.

For the event source that returned this message:

  1. Make sure that you specified an S3 Bucket Name.
  2. Make sure that you specified the correct Account Id and correct Region.
  3. If the CloudTrail account has a Log File Prefix, make sure that you specified it correctly.

    For example:

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