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The Event Source module in Security Analytics provides an easy way to manage event sources and configure alerting policies for your event sources.


There are two permissions that affect Event Source Management:

  • View Event Sources is needed for users to view event sources, their attributes, and their thresholds and policies.
  • Modify Event Sources allows users to add, edit, and otherwise update event sources.

For details, see the following topics:

  • The Roles Tab topic available in the System Security and User Management guide > References > Administration Security View > Roles Tab
  • The Role Permissions topic describes the built-in Security Analytics system roles, which control access to the user interface. Available in the System Security and User Management guide > How Role-Based Access Control Works.
  • The Manage Users with Roles and Permissions topic describes how to manage users in Security Analytics, using roles and permissions. Available in the System Security and User Management guide > Manage Users with Roles and Permissions.

Navigate to Event Source Management

You can view the details about your existing event source groups by doing the following:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Event Sources.
  2. Click any of the following:
    • The Manage tab. This tab provides the details for your existing event source groups.
    • The Monitoring Policies tab. Use this tab to view or edit your event source alerting configuration.
    • The Alarms tab. Use this tab to see the details of the alarms that have been generated. Alarms are generated when event sources exceed or fall below their set thresholds.
    • The Settings tab. Use this tab to view or change the behavior for automatic alerts.

Note: When the system receives logs from an event source that does not currently exist in the Event Source List, Security Analytics automatically adds the event source to the list. Additionally, if it matches the criteria for any existing group, it becomes part of that group.


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