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You set up and maintain the physical or virtual machine on which NetWitness Suite services run in the Hosts view.


Important: See Troubleshooting Version Installations and Updates for help on resolving errors you receive during version installation and update.

A service performs a unique function, such as collecting logs or archiving data. Each service runs on a dedicated port and is modeled as a plug-in to enable or disable, according to the function of the host. You must configure the following Core services first. 

  • Core Services
    • Decoder (Packets)
    • Concentrator
    • Broker
    • Log Decoder
  • Other Services
    • Archiver
    • Cloud Gateway
    • Context Hub
    • Endpoint
    • Entity Behavior Analysis
    • Event Stream Analysis
    • Log Collector
    • Malware Analysis
    • Reporting Engine
    • Warehouse Connector
    • Workbench
  • Services implemented when you deploy the NW Server
    • Admin
    • Config
    • Integration
    • Investigate
    • Orchestration
    • Respond
    • Security

You must configure hosts and services to communicate with the network and each other so they can perform their functions such as storing or capturing data. 


This workflow shows the procedures you complete to set up a host, maintain a host, and update the host with new NetWitness Suite versions. Setting up a host is the first task in this workflow. The hosts with core services are set up out of the box. After that, you can set up additional hosts to enhance your NetWitness Suite deployment. The other two tasks, maintaining a host and updating versions for a host, are performed when required and do not have a specific order of completion.

What do you want to do?

See Host GS: Hosts and Services Procedures for detailed instructions of the following tasks.

RoleI want to ...
AdministratorSetup up a host.
AdministratorMaintain a host.
AdministratorApply version updates to a host.

Quick Look

The following example shows you how to set up a host.


Select ADMIN > Hosts.

 2 Select the host you deployed (for example, Event Stream Analysis).
 3 Click (Install icon).
 4 Select the host type to install from the Install Services dialog (for example, ESA Primary). This host type installs the Entity behavior Analytics, Context Hub, and Event Stream Analysis services on this host.


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