Host GS: Broker Service Configuration

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This topic lists and describes the configuration parameters for NetWitness Suite Brokers.

This table lists and describes the Broker configuration parameters.

Broker Parameter FieldDescription
Broker /broker/config refer to Aggregation Configuration Parameters
aggregate.interval.behind Minimum number of milliseconds before another round of aggregation is requested when the broker is behind.  Change takes effect immediately.
Database /database/config refer to the Database Configuration Nodes topic in the NetWitness SuiteCore Services Database Tuning Guide
Index /index/config
index.dir The directory where the broker device mapping files are stored.  Change takes effect on service restart.
language.filename The index language specification (XML) that is loaded on startup. Change requires service restart. 
Logs /logs/config refer to Core Service Logging Configuration Parameters
REST /rest/config refer to REST Interface Configuration Parameters
SDK /sdk/config refer to the SDK Configuration Nodes topic in the NetWitness Suite Core Services Database Tuning Guide and NetWitness Suite Core Service system.roles Modes
Services /services/<service name>/config refer to Core Service-to-Service Configuration Parameters
System /sys/config refer to Core Service System Configuration Parameters
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