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This topic introduces the features and functions of the Services Config view.

The Services Config view is one of the views available from the Services > Actions (This is the actions drop-down) menu. It provides a user interface for configuring all aspects of a Core service or NetWitness Suite service. 

The configuration options in the Services Config view are organized as tabs, with each tab providing a view of a set of related parameters. Unlike the Services Explore view, which offers direct access to all configuration files for a service, these tabs present the most commonly modified parameters of service configuration in a user-friendly view.

Due to configuration requirements for different services; each type of service has variations in available tabs and configuration parameters in this view. Individual topics describe configuration parameters that are specific to a host (Brokers and Concentrators, Decoders and Log Decoders) or service (for example, Reporting Engine, Log Collector, and Warehouse Connector).


The following workflow shows the configuration tasks for the Decoder service as an example of this view. See the Configuration Guides individual services (for example for the RSA NetWitness® SuiteBroker and Concentrator Configuration Guide) for details on their ADMIN > Services > Config Views.

This is an example of workflows for this view

To access the Services Config view:

  1. In NetWitness Suite, go to ADMIN > Services.
    The Administration Services view is displayed.
  2. Select a service and select The actions drop-down >View > Config.
    Services Config view for the selected service is displayed. 

Quick Look

This is an example of the Services Config view for a Decoder.

This is the Config view for a Decoder

This is an example of the Services Config view for a Concentrator.

This is the Config view for a Concentrator



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