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The Groups panel toolbar provides options for managing groups of hosts. Use the toolbar to create, edit, and delete groups. After you create a group, you can drag individual hosts from the Hosts panel into that group.

Use groups may to organize hosts by function, geography, project, or any other organization principle that is useful. A host may belong to more than one group.

In NetWitness Platform, go to (Admin) > Hosts. The Groups panel toolbar is at the top of the Groups grid in the Hosts view.

The Groups panel provides a way to create logical groups of hosts. Once hosts are grouped, it is easier to perform operations on multiple hosts by interacting with each host in a group rather than individual hosts from an non-grouped list.

Note: In NetWitness Live, groups can subscribe to resources while individual hosts cannot.

The Groups panel consists of a grid populated with a list of defined host groups and the Groups Panel Toolbar.

The add icon Displays a new row in the Group grid in which you enter the name of a new group.
The delete icon Asks for confirmation that you want to delete the group or host. You can confirm or cancel the deletion.
The edit icon Opens the name field in a row of the Group grid so that you can type a new name for an existing group.
The refresh icon Refreshes the selected group.
NameThe name of the host group. Click the group name to list the hosts in that group on the Hosts panel.
<Blank> Indicates the number of hosts in the group. Click the number of hosts in the group to list the hosts in that group on the Hosts panel.

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