000035740 - What happens to my RSA Link account if I change companies?

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Article Number000035740
Applies ToRSA Customers and Partners
IssueI have an RSA Link account that is associated with my former company but I have since changed jobs and now work for another company that has utilizes RSA products and solutions.  Am I able to keep my RSA Link account or can I migrate it to a new account?
ResolutionUsers register for RSA Link accounts using their corporate email addresses and their accounts are associated with their company's maintenance contracts.  This allows users to access product downloads for their products and provides access to the Case Management portal where they can open and manage support cases.
Because of the association between RSA Link accounts and their companies' information, when someone leaves their company they are not able to use their same RSA Link account with their new employer.  Therefore, it is required that the user register for a new RSA Link account using their new corporate email address which will allow them to have access to product downloads and the Case Management portal for their new employer.
However, it is possible to perform a limited migration from the old account to the new account with the assistance of the RSA Customer Support team.  For example, the RSA Customer Support team is able to migrate any documents that were created by the user and can also migrate any reputation points (also referred to as gamification points) that the user has earned.  However, it is currently not possible for other content such as discussions threads, videos, or idea submissions to be migrated.
If you would like to have your documents and/or reputation points migrated to a new account then you may contact RSA Customer Support and reference this article.  You will also need to provide them with the email addresses for the old and new account in order for the accounts to be easily located.
If you wish to subscribe your new user account to the content and pages (referred to as spaces or places) to which you had subscribed (i.e. followed) on your previous count, you can search for the old account using the Spotlight Search button (magnifying glass icon) in the top-right corner and then clicking on it in the search results to view your old profile.
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Once you are viewing the profile, you can see which places you were following by clicking on Places in the profile menu and then clicking on Following in the left navigation menu that appears, if necessary.  (It will generally be the default view on that page.)  When viewing the list of followed places you can quickly follow them by clicking on the Actions button and then clicking Follow.

You will want to make sure to select the Inbox option to ensure that you receive email notifications.

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You can repeat the process for followed content by clicking on Content in the profile menu and then clicking on Following in the side navigation menu that appears, if necessary.  (It will generally be the default view on that page.)
If you have any bookmarks in the old account and would like them to appear in your new account, you can navigate to https://community.rsa.com/bookmarks while logged in with your old account to see a full list of your bookmarks.
It will not be necessary to subscribe to product advisories for the products for which you have active maintenance contracts.  However, if you wish to manually subscribe to advisories for other products then you can do so by following the instructions in the article entitled How do I subscribe to product advisories on RSA Link? which will provide step-by-step instructions for doing so.
NotesIf you have any questions about this process or experience any issues with the steps above then please contact RSA Customer Support for assistance.
For users who have changed email addresses but remain at the same company (such as in the case of an acquisition or name change) you should refer to the following article:  Can I change the email associated with my RSA Link account if my company changes its name or is acquired?