000035521 - RSA Authentication Manager Authentication Bit Flag Report (Licensing)

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Nov 29, 2017
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Article Number000035521
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.1 SP1
IssueThe output from the SQL statement or /opt/rsa/am/pgsql/bin/psql command from RSA knowledge article 000030005 requires a large amount of work to process the data.
ResolutionThe shell script abf-report.sh attached to this RSA knowledge article will generate a report showing the count of the different number of combinations associated to the authentication bit flags.
Installation & Usage
  1. Create a working folder on the authentication manager primary instance e.g. mkdir /tmp/abfreport
  2. Download and copy the abf-report.sh shell script into this working folder
  3. Change the permissions of abf-report.sh so it can be executed at the command line e.g. chmod 755 /tmp/abfreport/abf-report.sh
  4. Copy the output from the SQL statement (SELECT loginuid, authenticator_bit_flags FROM rsa_rep.IMS_PRINCIPAL_DATA ipd WHERE authenticator_bit_flags IS NOT NULL;) into the working directory or use the command: /opt/rsa/am/pgsql/bin/psql -h localhost -p 7050 -d db -U rsa_dba -c "COPY ( SELECT loginuid, authenticator_bit_flags FROM rsa_rep.IMS_PRINCIPAL_DATA ipd WHERE authenticator_bit_flags IS NOT NULL ) TO STDOUT WITH CSV HEADER" > /tmp/abfreport/output.csv to generate output data. 
NOTE: command: cd /opt/rsa/am/utils; ./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.db.dba.password provides the password for when you are prompted when using the /opt/rsa/am/pgsql/bin/psql command.
Example of CSV output:


Example of SQL output:

trustedapp                 | 1000000000
@PROXYUSER@                | 100
jsmith                     | 0001000
mjones                     | 0001000
mbell                      | 0001000

  1. Navigate to the working folder and run the shell script to generate the report.

Usage: abf-report.sh {-sql | -csv} {filename}


rsaadmin@app82p:/tmp/abfreport> ./abf-report.sh -csv output.csv
Processing file output.csv
     77 0000000
  12649 0001000
    152 0100000
    180 0101000
      1 100
      4 1000000
      1 1000000000
      3 1001000

NOTE: where the output data came from the SQL statement use the -sql parameter and where the output data came from the /opt/rsa/am/pgsql/bin/psql command then use the -csv parameter.

  1. Refer to RSA knowledge article How to get an accurate active user license count in RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 using SQL (ref#000030005) for the authentication bit flag definitions.