Datafeed failing with “An unexpected error has occurred: is_dde_filter_value_list_action_cumulative” ?

Document created by Milind Phase Employee on Dec 8, 2017
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Why after upgrade to Archer 6.X release, some of the data feeds are failing with following error message 

“An unexpected error has occurred: is_dde_filter_value_list_action_cumulative”  ?

Here are more symptoms  

  • Data feed fails intermittently 
  • There are no logs in log file about this error 
  • Generally there is no details on ACP JOB engine monitoring plugin about this failed data feed 

Root Cause 

  There is a additional  instance of Archer JOB engine still running in environment ( probability "Disaster Recovery" ) This instance is not upgraded to latest Archer version but it can still connect with Archer instance data base and pick up JOBS from job queue. As it is running an older version, it will fail with  error ( “An unexpected error has occurred: is_dde_filter_value_list_action_cumulative” ) 



 Identify this host that is running older version of JOB engine using  one of the following options

  1. ACP JOB engine monitor plugin. 
  2. ACP Configuration report plugin to see if there are any additional JOB engine hosts 
  3. Use database activity monitor to check incoming connections to instance database


   Once all the hosts are identified, make sure that they are wither upgraded to same version or if they are not used, uninstall the JOB engine from that host.