000035972 - How to disable pop-up message for all administrators in the RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 SP1 Security Console

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Article Number000035972
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.2.1
IssueWhen an RSA administrator logs into into the RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Security Console after upgrading to SP1, he will notice a pop-up window as shown here, with text about new features for RSA SecurID Access.
Security Console Pop-up message

The Security Console pop-up is not disabled for all users by checking the box labeled with the text Don't show this again.  By checking the box, it disables the pop-up only for the administrator who is currently logged in to the interface.

As soon as a customer upgrades to SP1, all admins will see this pop up message.

This article explains how to disable the pop up window for all administrative users.
CauseThe pop-up message was added as a feature to require all Security Console administrators to see the information about the new features in the current version of Authentication Manager. 
ResolutionThe Security Console pop-up message can be disabled for all users by running a store command via rsautil, using the steps below:
  1. Log on to primary Authentication Manager server as rsaadmin via SSH or a direct connection to the server.
  2. Change directory to /opt/rsa/am/utils:

cd /opt/rsa/am/utils

  1. Run the following store command, using the correct credentials for an Operations Console administrator name and password for the  deployment:

./rsautil store -a add_config -o <Operations Console admin user name> -p <Operations Console admin user password> auth_manager.security_console.product_info.enable FALSE GLOBAL STRING

For example, with an Operations Console administrator user name of ocadmin and a password of support1!, the command is:

rsaadmin@am82p:/opt/rsa/am/utils> ./rsautil store -a add_config -o ocadmin -p support1! auth_manager.security_console.product_info.enable FALSE GLOBAL STRING

  1. Restart the Authentication Manager services:

# cd /opt/rsaam/server
# ./rsaserv restart