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This topic explains the different HIVE configurations that are performed on Reporting Engine to set up the Warehouse on Hive Configuration.


Perform the following steps to configure Hive for Reporting Engine:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.
  2. In the Services panel, select a Reporting Engine service.
  3. Select > View > Explore
    The Services Config View of Reporting Engine is displayed.
  4. Select > Configuration > HiveConfig > hiveconfig

JoinFromTemplateThe template used for thecreation of temporary tables that use Raw Log in the Rule
HiveDriverClassClass name for HIVE JDBC Driver


Default database to connect to the HIVE Server


List of HIVE Queries to be run before creating temporary hive tables. Suitable for setting HIVE properties.

Note: Queries will not be executed for Advanced Warehouse Rules. For Expert rules, the responsibilty lies on the Query author.


Template used to create External Tables that are used to run Data Queries on AVRO files.

CreateMetaTableTemplateTemplate used to create External Tables that are used to read the Schema information available in Warehouse.


In case the Table Creation query exceeds 4000 Characters, push the resulting AVRO Schema into a temporary AVRO file and put the location of that file as Schema for External table.

DropTempSchemaLocationTemplateThe query to be used for deleting the external table once query execution completes.


The location of Schema file for Large table definitions.

ColumnsToBeDroppedThe columns which are trimmed after reading results. These columns are not store in results.


To authentication kerberos in HIVE Server.

KerberosConfigFileTo authentication kerberos in HIVE Server.


To authentication kerberos in HIVE Server.

KerberosKeyTabFileTo authentication kerberos in HIVE Server.


When running a report with CTAS option dened, this denes how the resulting table is created.

ExcludedCustomTablesIn case, reporting on Custom Tables are enabled, Reporting Engine will not allow reporting on tables whose name matches with any one of these Regex.


Enables Reporting Engine to allow Rules to be defined on Custom tables.

HiveQueryLengthLimitationIn case there is a limitation on the query length that can be sent to HIVE Server to change the number as required.


This option makes Reporting Engine to split the creation of external tables in small query steps.

Note: Enable this option only if required by your HIVE Serve distribution.


Template used in case "EnableSmallSplitBasedSchemaLiteralCreation" is enabled.

Note: To be used in advanced corner cases only


In case your Hadoop Distribution supports org.apache.hadoop.mapred.FairScheduler or org.apache.hadoop.mapred.CapacityTaskScheduler, populate this field with comma separated names of your pools.

Note: When conguring a new Schedule of a warehouse Report, SA UI will give the option to run the Report under that particular pool.

PartitionTemplateTemplate to create partition definition.


Query template to add a partition to a External Data Table.

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