000035837 - Request to archive:  Could not access HTTP invoker remote service error while opening workflow in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle in a cluster environment

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Article Number000035837
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Product/Service Type: Workflows, User Interface
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0.2
IssueYou might see the error message below while accessing a workflow in an RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle cluster environment.

Could not connect to HTTP invoker remote service at [http"://localhost:8080/wpServices/ServerConfigService]; nested exception is java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

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CauseIn a clustered environment, localhost is not bound so any communications relying on localhost and http do not resolve from the application server. This is a known issue and reported in the engineering ticket ACM-72065.
ResolutionUpgrade to RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle version 7.0.2 P05 to fix this issue.
WorkaroundWhile trying to edit workflows in a WebSphere cluster, if you receive an error that indicates that the URL cannot be resolved, you may need to modify the URL used to communicate with the workflow engine. Perform the following steps to make these changes:
  1. Using the File Browser, navigate to and open aveksaWFArchitect.ear.
  2. In aveksaWFArchitect.ear, under /APP-INF/lib/, open acmConfig.jar.
  3. In acmConfig.jar, open workpoint-client.properties.
  4. Modify the property values for serverContextPath and client.connect.URL as follows, replacing <fully-qualified-hostname> with the fully qualified hostname and the <port> with the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle server port.
    1.  serverContextPath = http://<fully-qualified-hostname>:<port>/wpServices
    2.  client.connect.URL = http://<fully-qualifiedhostname>:<port>/wpServices/xml
  5. Save the changes to workpoint-client.properties, and close the file.
  6. When asked to confirm whether you want to update the workpointclient.properties file, click Update.
  7. Close the acmConfig.jar window.
  8. When asked to confirm whether you want to update the file acmConfig.jar in the archive aveksaWFArchitect.ear, click Update.
  9. Redeploy aveksaWFArchitect.ear. For instructions on deploying an .ear file, see the WebSphere Installation chapter of the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Installation Guide.