000036145 - The support case I opened via the Case Management portal on RSA Link is associated with the wrong site

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Mar 13, 2018
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Article Number000036145
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Link (community.rsa.com)
RSA Product/Service Type: Case Management (community.rsa.com/cases)
Platform: Salesforce

This article applies to RSA customers or partners that have two or more sites associated with their account.
IssueAfter creating a new support case via the Case Management portal on RSA Link, I notice that the case was opened against a different site than I was expecting.

To illustrate this situation, the example user below has two sites entitled Primary Site and Secondary Site, which can be seen from the Accounts tab in the Case Management portal.

User-added image

After clicking on the Create Case tab and submitting a support case, the user expected the case to be opened under the Primary Site but was instead opened under the Secondary Site as shown below.

User-added image
CauseWhen users submit a support case via the Create Case tab in the Case Management portal, no maintenance contract or site is automatically selected.  Instead, the system looks at the accounts (i.e. sites) that are associated with the user and finds an active contract with which to associate the case.  Due to the logic used, the case may not always link to the desired site or contract.
WorkaroundIf you must open a support case against a specific site or maintenance contract, select the My Products tab rather than the Create Case tab within the Case Management portal, which will display all of your maintenance contracts, their current status levels and the associated sites.

Each entry that has a valid contract status will display a Create Case hyperlink and clicking on these links will open a support case against that specific contract and site.

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NotesIf you have a support case that has already been opened and it must be moved under a different contract or site, please inform the support engineer that owns the case and he/she can assist in moving it.