000036161 - How to open a technical support case via the Case Management portal on RSA Link

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Article Number000036161
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Link (community.rsa.com)
RSA Product/Service Type: Case Management (community.rsa.com/cases)
Platform: Web Browser
Platform (Other): Salesforce
IssueI need to open a technical support case for my RSA product and want to know how to do so online using the Case Management portal on RSA Link.
ResolutionOpening support cases online is a very useful feature for several reasons.  For example:
  • Opening cases online allows you to give a verbatim description of your issue and immediately provide any supporting information, as opposed to having your information transcribed over the phone or via email by a non-technical Customer Service Technician.
  • Your case is placed directly in the incoming queue for the appropriate technical support team when created and doesn't first need to be triaged by a Customer Service Technician (CST) or a Customer Relations Desk (CRD) employee before getting assigned to the appropriate queue, as is the situation with cases opened via phone or email.

Follow the instructions below to open a technical support case via the Case Management portal on RSA Link.

  1. Log in to the RSA Link website and click on the My Cases option in the main menu to access the Case Management portal.
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  2. From within the Case Management portal, click on the Create Case tab in the main menu or click on the Create New Case button on the Cases tab.
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  3. In the I need assistance with drop down list, select the Technical Support option and click the Continue button.

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Use Technical Support for any technical issue you are having with your RSA product.  For example, installation, integration, errors, etc.

  1. Ensure that your information is correct in the Contact Details section and select your preferred communication using the respective drop down list.

If you select Phone as your preferred communication method, you must provide a valid phone number in the Contact Phone Number in order to open the case.

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  1. Under the Product Detail section, select whether or not the system for which you are opening the case is in production and then select your product in the RSA Product Set drop down list.
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  2. After selecting your product in the previous step, select the product component that most accurately reflects your case in the Request For field.

    These options will be different depending on the product you selected in the previous step.

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  3. Select the product version that applies to the case you are opening using the RSA Version/Condition drop down list.
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  4. Enter a concise description for your case in the Subject field under the Case Detail section.

    As you begin typing the subject, a Suggested Articles section will appear containing knowledge base articles that may address your issue.  Clicking on an article title will redirect you to the article on RSA Link.

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  5. Provide a detailed description of your issue so that the technical support engineer will have a starting point for assisting you, and optionally provide any supporting information in the How is this Issue Impacting your Business section.

    The optional field allows for rich text, which means that you can add formatted text, images, hyperlinks, etc.

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  6. You may upload up to three relevant attachments (such as log files, screenshots, etc.) under the Upload Attachments section and may optionally provide descriptions of them if needed.

    There is a file upload limit of 25MB when attaching files to support cases.

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  7. Select an appropriate severity level for your support case, using the recommended guidelines below.
    Severity LevelUrgency LevelDescription
    Severity 1CriticalSevere problem preventing customer or workgroup from performing critical business functions.
    Severity 2HighCustomer or workgroup able to perform job function but performance or job function degraded or severely limited.
    Severity 3MediumCustomer or workgroup performance or job function is largely unaffected.
    Severity 4RequestMinimal system impact; includes feature requests and other non-critical questions.

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  1. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to submit your support case.
Once you have created your case, you will be taken to the case view screen for the new case.  You will also be able to access it at any time by clicking on the Cases tab.  For more information, refer to the How do I manage my open support cases? section in the RSA Link Frequently Asked Questions.
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NotesFor information on all methods of opening customer support cases, refer to the document entitled How to Contact RSA Customer Support.

If you need to open a support case against a specific Site ID, asset or maintenance contract, refer to the following article:  The support case I opened via the Case Management portal on RSA Link is associated with the wrong site