000036209 - In RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle, the change request manual activity assignment link (Assign to Specific Group or Role) becomes disabled or unclickable after a few hours

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Apr 9, 2018
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Article Number000036209
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: All
IssueThe manual activity assignment link that is triggered and visible during the change request (CR) fulfillment phase becomes disabled and not clickable after a few hours. 

The problem is applicable only to manual activities assigned to specific GROUP or ROLE. The issue was not observed when manual activity is assigned to a specific user.

During the Fulfillment phase, a manual activity is created with an Assign to <Group/Role> link.  At this moment the link is enabled and clickable.

Fulfillment Phase

If you do not complete this manual activity right away and instead, go back to it after one to two hours then login and navigate to the CR to look at the manual activity in the Fulfillment Phase, you will observe that the manual activity's Assign to <Group/Role> link is disabled and is not clickable anymore.  It is also missing the right parenthesis for due date. This is a broken link.  Because this link is disabled, the user logged in is unable to click the link and directly complete the activity. Instead, he has to explicitly navigate to Requests > Activities in order to complete the manual activity.  This link should be enabled and clickable. When clicked, it should take you to the manual activity page where you can  complete the manual activity.

CR's manual activity link disabled after a few hours

There is no related error found in the aveksaServer.log for this issue.

The following was also observed:

  1. Navigate to Request > Activities.
  2. Click the manual activity and do not do anything else on the page.
  3. Click Cancel on the page.
  4. Return to the CR.
  5. You will see the manual activity link enabled and clickable again. This time it also has the ending parenthesis after the due date;  that  is, the link is not broken anymore.
CauseThe code to make a link of static text did not take into account the dynamic groups or roles. 
ResolutionThis defect has been fixed in future releases specifically versions 7.0.2 P07 and 7.1.0 P01. 
WorkaroundThere is no workaround.