000036277 - Getting "Unexpected Error" or "Unknown Route" errors when clicking on custom links in an iView after upgrading to RSA Archer 6.4

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Apr 19, 2018Last modified by RSA Customer Support Employee on Jul 17, 2019
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Article Number000036277
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Workspaces
RSA Version/Condition: 6.4
IssueSome custom links in custom iViews will no longer function after the upgrade, resulting in either one of the following errors when you click the links:

Unexpected Error

Unknown Route, The route specified does not exist
CauseChanges to RSA Archer to improve improve URL redirection and the user experience have invalidated some custom links that were created in previous versions.
ResolutionThe custom links will need to be replaced.  Follow the steps below to find the URL to use.
  1. Browse to the content for which you want to create a link.
  2. Click on the email icon in the top right corner. 
  3. Edit your iView and update your URL in the Custom Content field to use what was generated for the email.
Alternately, the Internet Explorer Developer Tools Network Trace tool can be used to obtain the URL of the Workspace or Dashboard the user wants to link to since not all pages will have an email icon to use to obtain the URL.
  1. In Internet Explorer, press F12 to open the Developer Tools.
  2. Once Developer Tools is opened, go to the Network tab and click the green Play icon on the left to start capturing the information.
  3. Immediately browse to the Workspace or Dashboard to which you are wanting to link.
  4. Once you are on the Workspace or Dashboard, stop the trace by clicking the red Stop icon.
  5. Review the network trace results and the first URL you see in the network trace will be the one you want to use.
    User-added image
  6. Right-click on that URL and click Copy.
  7. Now go to the iView you are wanting to update or create, and Paste the URL you capture above.

    You can shorten the URL by removing some of the extra text at the end, like below, as it's not needed.





    User-added image
  8. Click Add.
  9. Test the iView.

If you are unsure of any of the steps above or experience any issues then contact RSA Customer Support and reference this article for further assistance.
NotesThis issue only affects custom links. All of the links from out-of-the-box content have been updated to support the URL redirection changes.