000036270 - RSA Archer 6.x HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error.  Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'name' set to 'ArcherAsyncUploadHandler'  

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Article Number000036270
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: RSA Archer (On-Premise)
RSA Version/Condition: 6.x
Platform: Windows
  • Unable to login to RSA Archer after an upgrade. 
  • The following error message is displayed:

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.


ModuleIIS Web Core 
Handler Not yet determined 
Error Code0x800700b7
Config Error Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'name' set to 'ArcherAsyncUploadHandler'  
Config File \\?\C:\inetpub\wwwroot\RSAArcher\web.config 

Config Source:
  321:       <add name="RepositoryUploadHandler" path="RepositoryUploadHandler.ashx" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" type="ArcherTech.Web.HttpHandlers.RadUploadHandlers.RepositoryUploadHandler, ArcherTech.Web" />
  322:       <add name="ArcherAsyncUploadHandler" path="ArcherAsyncUploadHandler.ashx" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" type="ArcherTech.Web.HttpHandlers.RadUploadHandlers.ArcherAsyncUploadHandler, ArcherTech.Web" />
  323:       <add name="StyleResourceLoader" path="StyleResourceHandler.axd" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" type="ArcherTech.Web.HttpHandlers.StyleResourceLoader, ArcherTech.Web" />

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CauseThis can happen if IIS Handler Mappings have duplicate entries. 
ResolutionTo resolve the issue, complete the following:
  1. From the IIS Manager, select the Server level in the tree view.
  2. In the middle pane, open Handler Mappings. Note you have an ArcherAsyncUploadHandler here

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3. Try clicking on the Handler Mappings in the Archer site level. You will see the following error:
There was an error while performing this operation.


Line number: 322
Error:  Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'name' set to 'ArcherAsyncUploadHandler''
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  1. To resolve this issue, remove the ArcherAsyncUploadHandler from the Server level. 
  2. Reset IIS.